Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dr. Cow is coming to town

I've been hearing about Dr. Cow's vegan cheese for months now, but figured I wouldn't get to try it until I took a trip to New York. Then I found out I could get it just a couple miles from OB, and promptly made him take me to the weekend-only public storefront for The Vegan Store.

I think all the hype about this stuff is the equivalent of hearing how scary a movie is - you always end up disappointed. OB actually opened up the little wheel and bit into it before we left the store (the shopkeeper seemed alarmed). While this is definitely eat-as-is cheese, it's not eat-on-it's-own-in-big-bites cheese, at least for me. It has an acidic, Parmesan flavor. Or at least this variation does - there's many varieties, but The Vegan Store only carries the aged cashew (for now).We took it home and put it on crackers, with pomegranate seeds. Much much better. Actually really really good. It grew on both of us as we were eating it. It's definitely good enough to serve to company and would be great to put out with appetizers at a dinner party. I think you could fool a lot of people if you don't mention it's vegan.

I still can't believe I didn't know how close by The Vegan Store was all this time! I'll have to go back prepared with a list - they have a tiny storefront with a few products out, but if you know what you want they'll bring anything available on the website out from the warehouse for you. Any suggestions on things to try?


jessy said...

superjealousface! oooooooh! i've wanted to try some of dr. cow's cheezes - they look fantastical! thanks for the review, too! i might look into buying some online - or having my brother who lives in NYC bring me some on his next visit! mmmmmmmmm! that's too cool that the vegan store is so close. my suggestions (although you've probably had most of these) would be to try: liz lovely cookies, the soy curls (although i know you are trying to limit your soy, so maybe not on that one), the primal strips (the smoked hickory ones are my FAV!), road's end mac n' chreese, and the Enjoy Life soft baked cookies (the snickerdoodles will rock your world!) - oh, and snag a preserve toothbrush, too! you can send them in once you've used 'em all up and they'll recycle them! how cool is that?! :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

There's a store called "The Vegan Store"? Gosh, why do I have to live in Texas?!

Michelle said...

Hey! It was nice to meet you at the Vegan-a-go-go event on Monday. Thanks for telling me about your blog!