Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Give a girl a sugar pumpkin...

...and she'll be eating pumpkin all week. One little pumpkin goes a long way!

For dinner the other night I made Curried Pumpkin Cream Sauce. It came out super rich and creamy, like an autumnal vegan alfredo.

-flesh from 1/2 of a roasted sugar pumpkin (about 2 cups)
-1 cup unsweetened MimicCreme (you could substitute any non-dairy milk, but you'll lose the richness)
-1 tbsp curry powder
-1/2 tsp ground coriander
-1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
-1/2 tsp salt
-dash black pepper
-1 lb. fettuccine (I used whole wheat)
-4 vegan sausage patties (I used Whole Food's brand)

1. Slice the pumpkin in half, scoop out seeds and stringy stuff and put on a lightly greased baking sheet, cut side down. Bake at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, until very soft.
2. Scoop out flesh from one half and place in a medium saucepan(save the other half for another time).
3. Add all other ingredients and blend with an immersion blender. Add more creme if you want it thinner.
4. Simmer the sauce at medium-low for about ten minutes, till heated through.
4. While the sauce is cooking, boil pasta and heat sausages in a pan.
5. Mix sauce with pasta. Crumble sausage with a fork and mix in.It kind of looks like barf, I know. But I swear it tasted awesome. And MimicCreme is my new favorite thing - so so rich with such simple ingredients!

With the leftover pumpkin I tested an iced pumpkin bread recipe for an upcoming Happy Herbivore cookbook. If I didn't know better I'd swear this had a cup of oil in it. Way too good to still be so healthy!Slice being devoured. Hee.

I still have about 1/2 a cup of pumpkin left!


jessy said...

"autumnal vegan alfredo" sounds awesome, and i think it looks awesome! pumpkin + pasta = scrumptious!

the frosted pumpkin bread looks super stellar, too. we opened up a can o' pumpkin last week and with the remainder i made some pumpkin butter to put on to of oatmeal in the mornings. oh my gosh, pumpkin = the best! don't you just love autumn and all its awesomeness?

Erin said...

I have a sugar pumpkin waiting to be cooked! I think it's also going to become pumpkin bread and some sort of sauce.

Bianca said...

That pasta sounds wonderful! I'm a huge fan of pumpkin in a creamy sauce with "sausage". And thanks for the tip on MimicCreme. I've never heard of that, but I'd often wondered if there was a vegan cream substitute.

Vince said...

Hi Federal Vegan,

Your recipe looks delicious. Can we link your blog from our website? Great work. Thanks. Vince. vcolavito@mimiccreme.com

Anonymous said...

Yum! They both look so good, but I can just about taste that pasta.