Sunday, September 14, 2008

back in action

I'm back! Took a long time - a bit longer than I expected - but I am recovered and (98%) back to normal. It seemed like I would never want to eat anything again!

Thankfully, my appetite is back, and my strength is coming back. I'm feeling so happy be living life on my on terms again and the freedom to move around (mostly) as I want. This was a great weekend, including my first venture into the kitchen in months.

For Saturday brunch I made the greek tofu benedict from Veganomicon. Two thumbs way up. Interesting flavors and a nice combination of textures. I made the sauce and roasted the peppers the night before, so all I had to do in the morning was broil the tofu. (A programming note - post surgery, after consulting with my doctors, I am low-soy but not *no* soy. I'm aiming for no more than one serving a day and no soy protein isolate. Another huge relief.) I toasted some whole-wheat english muffins for these and cut up an orange and a grapefruit for the side. Easier morning-of than making pancakes, and more impressive too.
For dinner, continued working through my freezer full of food. Re-heated some chickpea cutlets and put jarred tomato sauce on top, with whole wheat spaghetti and a little vegan parmesan. Roasted tomatoes and eggplants from the farmer's market on the side. They had white eggplant, which I've never seen before. It looked almost identical to the purple one after roasting, but had a little more firmness. Great dinner all around. I really like having the cutlets in the freezer - this came together in about 20 minutes.
In case anyone's still out there, hi! :)


jessy said...

hey, Kate! welcome back! that's good news that you're back in action and feeling much better! yay!

i need to break open my copy of veganomicon again soon - your benedict looks scrumptious - and i just love your dinner with the roasted local tomatoes & eggplant. i've never seen white eggplant before, but if i do i'm gonna pick some up and give it a try! that's awesome that your meal took just minutes to make - your freezer full of awesomeness = glorious!

i'm so glad you're back! superw00t!

Kate said...

Welcome back, glad to see that your feeling better.

I just bought Veganomicon and saw that recipe and thought it sounded good-but you showed that it looked good too. I highly recommend the basil pesto artichoke pasta too. Recipe on my blog, but also in your book.

Bianca said...

Hey! Glad you're feeling better! And great news on the soy front. Having a little soy sometimes will be much easier than having to avoid it...a difficult feat for a vegan.

And I've been wanting to try that Tofu Benedict. Yours looks delish!