Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recipe Reviews and Black Bean Dip

I've been too lazy/hungry to photograph my food lately, but I have to talk about this awesome recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen for curried red lentil soup with dandelion greens.

I had some dandelion greens in the fridge and no idea what to do with them, and I got a pressure cooker a couple weeks ago, so this recipe called out to me even though it's a zillion degrees here. I've never had lentils like this before - it was almost like a split pea soup, cause the lentils explode and the whole thing is deliciously creamy. Really simple to make too, I'll definitely be making this again. I had some friends over and it was a big hit, they both went back for seconds.

Less of a hit was the curried tempeh mango salad from VWaV. I liked it, but no one else did. Omnivorous Boyfriend thought it was too sweet (and he's right, it is very sweet) and my brother-in-law said it was "sorta ok." My sister wouldn't even try it. I'm not saying it's my favorite dish ever, but I did enjoy it, and it was nice picnic food. We all went to see R.E.M. last night, a
nd we had beautiful weather for hanging out on the lawn. I also made a quick black bean dip, which everyone liked (yay!):

1 can black beans
2 tbsp water
1 clove garlic
juice from one lemon
1 tbsp tamari
1/2 tsp cumin
big pinch cayenne

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Puree until smooth.

We dipped carrots and spicy blue corn chips in this. Then we had watermelon and cherries for dessert. It was a great show and a great night.


Bianca said...

Awww, REM! That was my first concert. My parents took me and my best friend when we were in junior high. I heart Michael Stipe and his hot guyliner! I even had a pet bunny named Micheal Stipe when I was a kid...cause the bunny was solid white with black rings around his eyeliner.

Anyway, your bean dip sounds great. And I'll have to try that lentil recipe from Fat-Free. I don't know where to get dandelion greens though...keep hearing about them, but haven't seen them anywhere around here.

KB said...

Guess how long it took me to find the blog? 3 seconds.

Guess what I typed into google!

federal vegan (kate) said...

Bianca - it would be great with kale, too, or even chard.

kb - yeah, you're brilliant.

jessy said...

REM + tasty black bean dip = gloriousness! i'm totally going to have to make that dip!

romina said...

I looove dandelion greens. They're so underappreciated. =(

WHOA, you got to see R.E.M?! I'm so jealous!!